CCTV Inspection

Hill Services Inc. provides closed circuit television inspection (CCTV) for pipeline inspection and drain inspection. CCTV inspection services allow operators to monitor pipes and pinpoint problems such as cracks, breaks, sags, and obstructions, without costly shutdown or dewatering. CCTV inspection services are good for monitoring pipe constructed with various materials, including metal, concrete, plastic, and fiberglass.


CCTV inspection for pipelines utilizes state-of-the art robotic crawlers and CCTV inspection cameras with real-time imaging for inspection of pipes. Pipeline video inspection allows operators to investigate unexplained flow conditions, inspect pipe walls and liners, locate lost line valves, examine valve conditions, assess internal corrosion of metallic pipes, and inspect leak areas to assist repair planning.

Hill Services Inc. high definition video equipment includes pan-and-tilt CCTV inspection cameras with rotation and illumination capabilities and all other necessary equipment for meeting certified standards and requirements for pipeline video inspection. See equipment


The CCTV inspection camera is able to navigate through bends and turns in the pipe, around minor objects, roots, and debris while moving through the pipe and capturing conditions. CCTV monitoring systems capture important information such as time, date, manhole/station numbers & operating personnel and allow for both still photos and recording. Detailed software generated reports are also available upon request. See equipment

Inspection Procedures

All Hill Services Inc. CCTV inspection services include: pipelines inspection / drains inspection, a technical assessment of conditions observed while monitoring pipe, preparation of a findings report, and DVD copies of the CCTV pipe inspection. The findings report discusses any problem areas observed, provides a detailed summary of the conditions, and recommends future actions that may be needed.

Closed circuit television inspections (CCTV) are used during pipeline cleaning services, especially in conjunction with robotic cutting and reaming methods, which utilize a CCTV system to complete work. During reaming and grinding procedures, a CCTV operator works in partnership with a combination truck operator to locate and remove obstructions. Reaming and cutting is monitored in real time by trained field technicians via CCTV inspection cameras. CCTV monitoring is also used in large diameter pipe cleaning operations.

What’s Included:

  • Hill Services provides professional service, using NASSCO certified operators (and MACP certified operators for manhole inspection)
  • Visual documentation captured in full-color digital format
  • All equipment is MPEG, JPEG & DVD compatible

CCTV Technology and Equipment includes:

  • Computer generated schematic of pipeline
  • Still photo reports of pipeline interior
  • Most advanced equipment and technology in the industry
  • IBAK Panoramo 3D Optoscanner (also see IBAK Panoramo subtitle)
  • Mini-color camera
  • Capable of 2” to 6” diameter digital pipe inspection
  • On-screen text
  • Remote Transporter
  • 6” to 108” diameter capability
  • Pan & tilt equipment
  • Rotating lens capable of 179 x 360 degrees
  • WinCan; Flexidata; and Granite XP reporting software and module used with CCTV pipeline inspection
  • IBAK Panoramo 3D Optoscanner (also see IBAK Panoramo subtitle)
  • Installed on PC or laptop
  • Logs digital video, still images, and text of inspection
  • Formats information into searchable database
  • Easy to view format


The new T66 steerable inspection camera tractor is the latest in the long line of innovative sewer camera transporters from IBAK. The T66camera tractor is the natural evolution of the incredibly popular KRA65 camera tractor model that has been sold throughout the world. The T66 camera tractor boasts a heavier chassis for added traction, smaller external dimensions for ease of use and greater pulling strength than its predecessor. Small and agile, yet more powerful than some tractors twice its size. The T66 camera tractor is the core of an effective inspection system for pipeline from 100mm upwards in diameter.


This high resolution mainline inspection camera has an incredible feature list including pan and tilt, LED lighting, laser measurement, auto-iris, auto-focus, upright picture control, integrated locator transmitter and 10x optical zoom round off the camera. The Orpheus camera is the core to any mainline system inspecting pipelines 4” and upwards for distances of up to 600’. With the IBAK – T66 Camera tractor, Hill Services can easily negotiate 90 degree bends allowing a wider range of CCTV inspection.


This high resolution mainline inspection camera has pan and tilt, LED lighting, auto – iris, auto – focus, 10 X optical zoom. This modified Aries camera is capable of inspecting drain lines from 6” up to 44” in diameter and for distances of up 1,000’.
Our modified Aries camera is supported by software allowing technicians to provided detailed computer generated reports accurately detailing locations of manholes, damage to drain lines and distances for future references.

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