Vacuum Truck Services

Dry Material Vacuum

We run a large fleet of dry product vacuum trucks and conveyor vacuum trailers to remove dry products and powders with a dustless and system. These trucks and trailers are specifically designed to safely and efficiently remove the heaviest of sludges or the lightest of powders. With the help of our safety team, we take extra precautions and are able to remove and collect combustible dusts and products.

The power of these trucks enable us to make long horizontal or vertical pulls of heavy sludges, liquid, grains, powders, sand, filter media, and much more. The dry vacuum trucks are equipped with a 17 cubic yard debris body and 27” HG at 6,000 c.f.m

Sludge Removal

Often situations call for removal of heavy liquid sludges or flammable products. Our liquid ring vacuum trucks are ideal for both flammable or non flammable liquid and sludge transfer. These trucks are equipped with remote exhaust systems when working areas have a highly flammable atmosphere.

Liquid Vacuum

Liquid vacuum trucks are a cost effective remedy to vacuum all types of liquid product, hazardous or non-hazardous. These trucks range in size from 2,500-gallon to 5,500-gallon, enabling us to enter small and remote locations or pull large amounts of liquid at one time.

Product Transfer

Whether the product is dry or wet, sludge or liquid, waste or non-waste, or corrosive, our equipment is highly versatile allowing us to transfer the product off-site for disposal or introduce back into your process system.

With our specifically designed vacuum equipment, combined with the many accessories, we are able to transfer your material to various types of collection methods at your facility. We have the ability to vertically offload dry powders, dust, and grain, as well as, transfer material immediately to drums, vats, totes, super sacs, hoppers, rail cars, roll off boxes, or vacuum boxes.

We can completely manage your product from “cradle to grave” for off site disposal or recycling. We work daily with many waste product solution companies and will provide you with assurance that your waste product will be transported and disposed / recycled as you wish. We transport hazardous and non-hazardous waste or clean product in D.O.T. approved tankers.

We will insure the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste meet state and federal regulations.


Wet & Dry Vac Applications


  • Ash Hoppers – Bilges – Boilers – Clarifiers
  • Digesters – Drainage Systems – Evaporations – Fly Ash
  • Floor Drains – Lagoon & Catch Basins – Oil Pits
  • Penthouses – Ponds – Production & Process Piping
  • Sewage Treatment Plants – Sewer Lines – Sludge
  • Sumps – Tanks & Railcars – U-Drains – Wet / Dry Spills
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