Line Flushing / Video Inspection

Line Flushing

With large and small pipe flushing rigs and our hydro blasters, we have the ability to clean all types of piping.  Depending on the size pipe or tube, the unwanted product, and the construction of the pipe determines which machine we will use to clean the lines.

With our flush rigs, we clean small sewer lines or large storm drains.  Hydro blast pumps enable us to clean process supply and drain lines.  For both types of flushing, we possess various blasting and flush heads to unplug, clean, or polish piping.

Hill Services can provide you with a cleaning of your wastewater collection system so that it will function properly and reduce the number of stoppages, odor complaints, lift station failures, and return the intended flow to the system. We can also help you minimize the maintenance required in line cleaning. In addition to high-velocity sewer jetting, we have a variety of line-cleaning techniques, and equipment for all sewer drain lines.

Video Inspection

With the latest technology our digital remote video cameras allow us to inspect old and new pipes to issues such as infiltration, deterioration, joint separation, liner delimitation and other problems saving excavation time and money by knowing the exact spot to dig for repairs.

Hill Services has a wide array of cameras from push style to robotic pan and tilt main line cameras. We frequently use cameras to find problems, decreasing the time it takes to clean the pipeline, or we can provide the customer with a look at our work upon completion.

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