Surface Cleaning & Prep

Surface Cleaning & Prep

At Hill Services we have what is called a Vax-Jet, a closed-loop surface cleaning system that removes oil, dirt, grease, rubber and other contaminants from flat surfaces. Our Vax-Jet surface cleaning systems comply with anti-discharge regulations. This truck has a broad range of applications – from airports to shopping centers and gas stations, etc.

The Vax-Jet combines high-pressure water blasting (up to 10,000 PSI) technology with a powerful vacuum source and a multi-stage filtration process. An operator easily guides a maneuverable, compact rotary surface-cleaning mower over the area. Removed contaminants go directly into the filtration system and all water used remains within this closed loop process. 

Other traditional pressure washing systems clean surfaces, but allow the residue including the oil, grease, and detergents to run off into storm drain systems and ultimately into the water supply. This could lead to fines and other unnecessary costs on the customer’s behalf. 

    All of our VaxJet trucks comply with Phase II of the Federal Clean Water Act, which gives our customers peace of mind that the process we use is completely safe and environmentally friendly.

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