Trenchless Technology

Trenchless Technology

When main lines leak or corrode, they can damage above ground surfaces, cause pollution, and start severe flooding in treatment or industrial facilities. Hill Services uses various trenchless technologies to combat these and other problems caused by Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), including:

  • The most technologically advanced methods of Cured in Place Piping (CIPP), including Inversion, Pull in Place and Point Repair.
  • Pipe Bursting.
  • Structural Spin Casting or Direct Spray methods.
  • Able to withstand heat, caustics and high pressure, commonly found in Industrial settings.

Digging causes environmental damage, longer-term traffic disruptions, and is very expensive, but with Hill Services Trenchless Technology Solutions, there is less disruption, less cleanup, and less cost.

Created for durability, our certified, third-party tested equipment and materials are engineered and manufactured to meet project specifications on an individual basis. Our high performance products are consistent in producing results that work, and are very user friendly.

Hill Services cured in place piping felt liners are produced with different thicknesses to meet the varying pipe diameters and individual sizes for a variety of different applications. Our equipment is ready-for-use, as soon as the custom liner is needed on site. We work closely with customers to make sure all specific job regulations are met, and moderate our projects for superior quality control and overall customer satisfaction.

When we insert our resin impregnated felt liners into the existing host pipe, using steam, hot water or even ambient cure, the resins harden and create a structural lasting pipe within a pipe. Our robotic camera then goes in to check the work, and ensure the insertion process was successful.

With Hill Services Trenchless Technology, you can expect to completely restore existing pipes, without the above ground disruption associated with traditional digging. Our Trenchless Technology will extend the life of your existing pipes , leaving a minimal carbon footprint, allowing you to get back to producing product efficiently and or everyday life.

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