Commercial Plumbing

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Commercial Plumbing

We are a commercial and industrial service contractor providing maintenance, repair, installation, leak detection, and main line pan & tilt video inspection of all plumbing systems; heating, cooling, & ventilation services; and system installation or retrofit for office buildings, industrial parks, schools, churches and more.

Hill Services, Plumbing focuses on service and renovation of existing structures as both a contractor and a subcontractor.


We provide solutions related to:

  •  Service and installation of all plumbing systems
  • Flushing lines / Pumping Services
  • Leak detection devices
  • Boiler maintenance, repair, installation
  • Backflow inspection, repair, and installation
  • Lift stations- installation and confined space entry for repair
  • Gas piping / Seismic Valves- specializing in gas line installation and seismic valves
  • Main Line Pan & Tilt Video Inspection (4″ – 72″)
  • Pipe Lining / Trenchless Technology (2″ – 54″)
  • Pipe Bursting (3/4″ – 48″)
  • Manhole Rehab and Manhole Lining
  • Cementitious Lining and Epoxy Coating

Our Benefits:

  •  One-stop-shop for HVAC, mechanical, controls, and plumbing needs.
  • Thrived in the market since 1923 focusing on troubleshooting problems, engineering solutions, and carrying out service application and installation.
  • Over 80 employees to provide seamless service including master plumbers, mechanical engineers, and certified HVAC and chiller technicians.
  • Live customer service 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Our Market Segment:

  • Industrial / Manufacturing
  • Class A Real Estate
  • Distribution Centers
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Nursing Homes
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