Manhole Systems

Manhole Rehabilitation & Lining

and similar utility holes, maintenance holes, access chambers, sanitary sewer hole

Hill Services teams with owners, engineers, and a network of Certified Applicators to ensure work gets completed on time and on budget, and that preventative maintenance programs are designed correctly with quality controls in-place and enforced.  Proven manhole rehab and lining systems can be selected depending on your manhole assessment, conditions, requirements, budget and needs.

Let Hill Services serve you, as we have been with our clients since 1979- with integrity, quality, and professionalism.  Learn more about the different manhole lining and rehab systems by Hill Services.

UME (urethane-modified-epoxy) Composite Systems

Advanced underlayment and hybrid epoxy top coat composite system for restoring and coating manholes with a combination of high strength epoxy cured mortar and modified urethane-modified-epoxy (UME) for terrific H2S resistance and sealed I&I prevention.  Also terrific for lining newly installed manhole structures.

Structural epoxy system

Structural epoxy system for reinforced (FRP), high strength rehabilitation and lining of manholes.  High build epoxy system with high compressive and flexural strengths for masonry and concrete structures. Made to hold back high negative side pressure and extreme I&I. Also terrific for lining newly installed manhole structures.

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