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Evaluation Solutions

Complete Evaluation, Complete solutions

Our commitment to the industrial and environmental services industry provides our customers with peace of mind knowing that a critical area of their responsibility is being managed safely and in compliance with federal & state regulations.

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Vacuum Services

Vacuum Services

From cradle to grave

Whether the product is dry or wet, sludge or liquid, waste or non-waste, or corrosive, our equipment is highly versatile allowing us to transfer the product off-site for disposal or introduce back into your process system.

Product Transfer

We have the ability to vertically offload dry powders, dust, and grain, as well as, transfer material immediately to drums, vats, totes, super sacs, hoppers, rail cars, roll off boxes, or vacuum boxes.

We will ensure the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste meet state and
federal regulations.


Wet & Dry Vac Applications

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Hydro Services

Hydro Blasting &
Hydro Excavation

So fresh, so clean

Hill Services has a large and diverse fleet of hydro-blasting equipment designed to safely and efficiently remove fouling and deposits from all types of equipment. These may include exchangers, towers and vessels, lines and sewers, and other contaminated surfaces. As a recognized industry leader with a powerful combination of technology, skill, experience and safety record, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned by Hill Services.
With water blasting capabilities up to 40,000 p.s.i., we are able to externally or internally clean many types of equipment in a process system. Our veteran employees are highly trained, cleaning heat exchangers, boilers, process lines, evaporators, and material tanks. Regardless of the build-up we will remove the unwanted products, ranging from rust and scale to polymers and paint. Hydroblasting is utilized in areas such as paper mills, power plants, refineries, and chemical plants.


Hydro excavation is a safe way to dig, which is non-destructive and non-mechanic. We frequently use hydro excavation for:
Industrial + Environmental Hydro Blasting Lancing Vertical

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

Peak efficiency with minimum downtime

The industrial cleaning experts at Hill Services offer CO2 (dry ice) blasting services that can provide superior cleaning results, while helping reduce downtime.
The main reason that dry ice blasting is becoming wildly popular is because it leaves behind ZERO WASTE. Whether you are cleaning food processing equipment or something as traditionally hazardous as a battery room, dry ice eliminates the water in the cleaning process so that only dust is left for the cleanup. Instead of having thousands of gallons of waste, you could have a few gallons of dust left to haul off. Because dry ice blasting is completely non-toxic and no hazardous chemicals are used, the costs associated with the disposal of blasting materials and solvents are substantially decreased.
Industrial + Environmental Line Flushing

Line Flushing

Line Flushing

With large and small pipe flushing rigs and our hydro blasters, we have the ability to clean all types of piping. For both types of flushing, we possess various blasting and flush heads to unplug, clean, or polish piping.

Hill Services can provide you with the cleaning of your wastewater collection system so that it will function properly and reduce the number of stoppages, odor complaints, lift station failures, and return the intended flow to the system. We can also help you minimize the maintenance required in line cleaning.

Pneumatic Whip

Pneumatic Whip Cleaning

Peak efficiency with minimum downtime

Powered by compressed air, the patented Pneumatic motor uses a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest materials without damaging the walls of the storage bins.


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Surface Cleaning & Prep

At Hill Services we have what is called a Vax-Jet, a closed-loop surface cleaning system that removes oil, dirt, grease, rubber and other contaminants from flat surfaces.
The Vax-Jet combines high-pressure water blasting (up to 10,000 p.s.i.) technology with a powerful vacuum source and a multi-stage filtration process. An operator easily guides a maneuverable, compact rotary surface-cleaning mower over the area. Removed contaminants go directly into the filtration system and all water used remains within this closed loop process.
Other traditional pressure washing systems clean surfaces, but allow the residue including the oil, grease, and detergents to run off into storm drain systems and ultimately into the water supply. This could lead to fines and other unnecessary costs on the customer’s behalf.
All of our VaxJet trucks comply with Phase II of the Federal Clean Water Act, which gives our customers peace of mind that the process we use is completely safe and environmentally friendly.
Industrial + Environmental Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste Management

Our licensed and experienced supervisors work with our highly qualified safety and environmental department to make sure that any waste, whether it be regulated or non-regulated, is handled correctly from cradle to grave. We can handle your waste completely or follow your directions for whichever method of disposal / recycling you prefer.


Industrial + Environmental Environmental Remediation


Environmental Remediation

All contaminated materials are delicately separated and transported to a regulated disposal site. We will send a highly trained and experienced Safety Representative to conduct an onsite assessment of the area in question. He or she will then formulate a plan for the safest, fastest, and most affordable method of removing these contaminants from your location.


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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

We’re up for the challenge

For every cleaning challenge presented to us, we evaluate in detail the best solution and most efficient method. A detailed procedure is developed for every cleaning solution which identifies all sequential tasks required to complete the work scope in a safe and timely manner. The Hill Services Team evaluates the results of each cleaning project and identifies any applicable recommendations (Environmental, Procedural & Safety) for future cleaning projects.