Tank Systems

Tank Rehabilitation & Lining

Tanks, vessels, and other fluid storage environments

When searching for infrastructure repair and protection measures, it is best to seek cost-effective systems for the long-term, high performance solutions to rehabilitate and protect structures with the right balance of properties.  Using products that are stronger than traditional materials, resistant to attack, and which are engineered to be long-lasting and durable will solve the problems of today and endure into the future

Concrete Tank Lining Systems

Structural epoxy system for reinforced (FRP)

High strength rehabilitation and lining of tanks and other similar storage structures. High build epoxy system with high compressive and flexural strengths for rehabilitation and lining of concrete storage structures. Also terrific for lining newly installed storage structures.

UME Composite System

Combined system of epoxy-cured cementitious underlayment with a hybrid top coat for restoring and coating tanks, and other storage structures. Structural grade epoxy-modified-mortar with advanced hybrid epoxy top coat to rehab and protect.  Also terrific for lining newly constructed storage tanks.

Steel Tank Lining Systems

Structural-grade, fiber-reinforced-polymer (FRP):

High build epoxy cladding system for highly pitted or deteriorated metal surfaces.  Cured for shell-like, thick performance lining.

UME Composite Systems

Urethane-Modified-Epoxy (UME) coating and lining system for a balance of properties that bring the best qualities of urethane and epoxy combined in one technology.

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