While Hill Services was performing a routine CCTV video inspection of a 6” process drain line located under a sensitive section of a fortune 500 Polymer manufacturer in Memphis, TN. They discovered that the drain line being video inspected was severely deteriorated. Hill Services quickly made DVD record of the CCTV video inspection and reported their findings to plant personnel.

The deteriorated process drain line posed several problems to plant engineers, including structural and possible environmental issues. Plant engineers and management knew that something needed to be done to quickly to rectify the situation.


Hill Services suggested to plant engineering that while conventional excavation would take weeks and significantly affect the plants processing capabilities, Cured in Place Piping (CIPP) otherwise know as “pipe lining” would be finished in a matter of days and that the pipe lining option would also be much more economically feasible as compared to conventional excavation. Plant management quickly decided that Pipe lining was obviously a more palatable option.

Hill Services mobilized within hours and began prepping the drain line for the CIPP Inversion process. Special chemically resistant liner known in the pipe lining industry as Vinyl Ester Resin based CIPP liner was ordered and expedited to Hill Services for the pipe lining project.

Once preparation of the process drain was complete and verified by Hill personnel with CCTV video inspection, the process drain line was ready for the CIPP Inversion process.

Hill Services personnel deployed approximately 150’ of the Vinyl Ester Resin based liner into the process drain using an air inversion technique. Once the liner was deployed, Hill Services personnel used steam pressure supplied by a portable boiler system to cure the liner within a matter of hours.

Once the liner was cured, Hill Services personnel performed a final CCTV video inspection and provided a full report and DVD record upon completion.

Plant management was extremely happy with the results of the pipe lining project and expressed to Hill Services that future CCTV video inspections would be scheduled and if needed, CIPP projects would be planned to remedy any problems discovered.

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