Lift Station Systems

Lift Station Rehabilitation and Lining

Including wet wells, pump stations, and other fluid handling and pumping stations

Team with Hill Services, a proven leader in water and wastewater protection, offering specific systems and technologies that protect the environment from effluent, reduces processing costs by eliminating inflow and infiltration (I&I), and which protect against corrosion (H2S) commonly found with steel and concrete pump stations. Hill Services can help with rehabilitation and protection with proven and accepted epoxy lining systems to address different conditions and needs.

Concrete Lift Stations

Structural Epoxy System

Structural epoxy system, offering reinforced (FRP) high strength rehabilitation and lining of lift stations, pumping stations, and other similar structures. High build epoxy system with high compressive and flexural strengths for rehabilitation and lining of concrete stations. Made to hold back severe hydrostatic pressure. Also terrific for lining newly installed stations.

UME Composite System

A combined epoxy-modified cementitious underlayment with a hybrid epoxy top coat yields a durable composite system for restoring and coating pumping stations and lift stations with a combination of high strength, high density epoxy cured concrete and modified high performance epoxy.  Also terrific for lining newly installed pumping stations.

Steel Lift Stations

Structural Epoxy Systems

High build, durable epoxy liner with structural grade fiber reinforced curing (FRP), reclaims lost steel and lines all-in-one-shot.  Great solution for highly pitted, cavitated and corroded steel or metal surfaces.

UME Composite Systems

Urethane-Modified-Epoxy (UME) steel lift station coating and lining system for a balance of the best qualities of urethane (flexibility and sealing qualities) and epoxy (performance, ease and sustainability).

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