Safety & Compliance Performance

EH & S Policy Statement


Hill Services strives to be the most respected company in the plumbing, HVAC and the industrial cleaning industry. We pride ourselves on our concern for the health and welfare of our employees, the public, environment, safety performance, and our commitment to regulatory compliance. There is a cultural expectation that Hill Services employees shall perform each assignment with a professional approach along with strict adherence to company, local, state, and federal regulations and/or policies which shall be observed during all operations to eliminate the potential of injuries, illnesses and incidents during each phase of every task.

Statement of Purpose

Management at Hill Services recognizes the potential for a negative environmental impact and existence of work hazards in even the simplest of tasks. Therefore, this policy is applicable to all employees in the pursuit of accident elimination and maintaining a clean environment through hazard recognition, planning and spill/release prevention. We recognize that training, company expectations, employer culture, and excellent field leadership are directly linked to our success in all aspects of environmental, health, and safety.

Management’s Responsibilities

Management actively participates in integrating current and acceptable safety and environmental practices in daily operations and in long range planning. It is management’s responsibility to educate and motivate Hill Services personnel to understand and comply with this policy and applicable laws. Management supports open dialogue regarding our processes and the consequences our activities may have on safety, health, and the environment.


Supervisor’s Responsibilities

The Supervisor has the day-to-day responsibility of motivating employees and maintaining company safety and environmental compliance while working in the field. The Supervisor shall ensure that field personnel assigned to their job site remain compliant with company, local, state, and federal regulatory requirements and policies.

Employee’s Responsibilities

Employees are by far the key to our success and shall actively participate in every aspect of the safety and health program. They are responsible for following the established practices stated in company procedures and other established company guidelines. Employees are strongly encouraged to participate in preventive measures to reach our goals and communicate professionally with Managers and Supervisors.


In our rapidly changing environment, the key to the stability of the company and health of each employee rests with our total commitment and positive attitudes. Management and employees at Hill Services, in a team effort, work towards maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Our goal is to lead the way in continuous improvement regarding employee safety and environmental protection and we believe that any and all injuries, as well as safety and environmental incidents, can be prevented.

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